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Main Characters:

David Magallanes

- is a Clerk at a municipal government office in their hometown Northern Luzon. He has fair skin, tall nose, long lashes, brown eyes and might be descendants of Fernando Magallanes or commonly known as Magellan. His second job is a clerk at City Hall across the Sunken Garden in Manila. He had a wife named Luz and a concubine named Alma. He had one daughter with Luz and two daughters with Alma as well.


 - comes from a poor family. Her father had two jobs a farmer and a fisherman while her mother is a manghihilot. She has two sisters namely Donna and Claudine. She is the eldest and she was named after the legendary actress, Nora Aunor. She is talkative and sometimes senseless in what she was saying. She chose to remain a jolly person and she was happiest when in school. All her decisions in life either caused her survival or death at the end of the novel. The mystery on Nora’s identity is that she is the legitimate great granddaughter of David Magallanes and his wife Luz.


Katherine Roque

- is the daughter of Anna, the wife of Dennis Roque and adoptive mother of Phirun. She works in the field of journalist. Often travels to research and write about her stories. She lived most of the time by the code of her causes and political beliefs. She is a deep thinker and intellectual yet emotional. She was responsible in unraveling the mystery of David Magallanes’ family line. Moreover, she is the illegitimate great granddaughter of David Magallanes and his concubine Alma.

Teresa Magallanes

- is the legitimate daughter of David Magallanes and Luz. She is beautiful, smart and loved by everyone. She was always chosen to represent her school in their hometown, which is National High School. Growing up she discovered that she had leprosy. In Culion Island where leprosy patients are being contained she had an intimate relationship with Emilio and gave birth to a child named Mercedes.

Other characters of Different Countries:



- is the Legal wife of David Magallanes and mother of Teresa.


- is a rural girl who is in her twenties. She works as a servidora at a small eatery near Sunken Garden. She fell in love with David Magallanes who she knew had a wife in Northern Luzon. She eventually became his concubine and bears two daughters namely Ronda and Anna.


- is the daughter of Teresa Magallanes and Emilio. She was the Tiya Cedes that Nora was looking for in the novel and paved the way to unravel the mystery of David Magallanes Family Line.

Dante Roque and Phirun

- Dante is the husband of Katherine Roque and Phirun if their adopted Cambodian son.