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Different Countries by Clarissa V. Militante is a 2010 novel. Her novel was long listed in the Man Asia Literary Prize in 2009.


The blood relationship brings forth generations that leads the path of one’s life. This is one way to look at Clarissa V. Militante’s Different Countries because of the strong ties of connection between the relationship of bloodlines and its life. David Magallanes made the interesting storyline of Nora and Katherine, the focal characters of this story; and entirely everyone in the story as his blood started all of these complex relationships. The story starts with David Magallanes and ends with David Magallanes, in it are the stories of intricately woven relationship brought by him due to a decision, a life changing decision. His inability to face his leprosy striken daughter, Teresa, and his feeling of a failure in life has lead him to estrange from his legal family to Alma, his second wife. Teresa’s children, born clean without leprosy, are the Mercedes and Dante, to which the focal character of this story Nora’s goal. Her goal is to meet her Tiya Mercedes (who is Dante’s older half-sister). David’s second wife leads to a generation of the focal character, Katherine. Perhaps fate has lead them to meet and fate has lead them to know their roots, and the man that brought this to be was David Magallanes.

About the Author Clarissa V. Militante finished AB Literature at the De La Salle University, Manila (1985). She professionally started as a journalist, having worked as a reporter-writer for the Philippine-based news agency, Philippine News and Features in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. She also was Special Reports Editor of in 2006. She is now the Media and Communications Associate of Focus on the Global South-Philippines. In 2009, the Man Asian Literary Prize long-listed her first novel Different Countries (Anvil, 2010).


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